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My Legit Online Jobs Experience

by on August 10th, 2009

I first joined Legit Online Jobs nearly a year ago now, and I decided to write this review of my experience to help anyone who might be thinking of trying it, to make their decision. It’s not easy when there are so many different money making opportunities presented to you everywhere you look online, and it’s often hard to find reviews from real people who have actually tried the program.

I never get my hopes up when joining a program like this Legit Online Jobs – mainly because I’ve been burned before, trying out different type at home and paid survey opportunities.  For a long time I was desperate to leave a job that I hated and work from home, which resulted in me wasting quite a bit of money jumping head first into different programs, hoping they would be the one thing that would put me on my way to financial freedom. Most were just outright scams, and I’m not proud of the fact that I was duped in many cases.

Ross Williams of Legit Online Jobs promises to show you the real system that he uses to earn at least $500 a day from home.  I mainly just joined because I saw there was a money back guarantee – I decided to give it the best shot I could, and if it didn’t work out for me I’d just get a refund. Now I’m not unrealistic in my expectations as I know the claims of even legitimate programs are just a little hyped up – so my aim was to earn approximately $200 a day as that was enough for me to give up my job and work from home fulltime.

On payment of the one time fee I was first offered the chance to work one on one with a money making ‘guru’ in the personal coaching program. I decided not to take up that offer – in which case I could proceed straight to the member’s area.  This is where you get access to all the money making opportunities. There is A LOT of material to go through on this page – everything from the Ad Cash System (make money typing ads for companies), to paid blogging, to paid surveys and many other ways to make money online. I was like a kid in a sweet shop! There are also some fantastic free unannounced bonuses (which are probably worth the join up price just on their own).

Ross does give a warning though – earning money takes time and dedication, and any program that promises otherwise is a scam. Although some can make money within 24 hours with the information contained in this program, others take longer.

Anyway, I tried out a few of the different opportunities and am happy to report that I have made money with the information from Legit Online Jobs, and MORE than my $200 a day target! I’m really happy with what I’ve learnt from this program and will continue to use it.

I strongly recommend Legit Online Jobs for anyone who wants to start making money online from legitimate opportunities. Unfortunately they’re hard to find online but this is definitely one of them. To be honest I didn’t even try every single opportunity given in this program – it’s probably better to focus on one or two anyway.

Anyway, I hope this Legit Online Jobs review has helped in your choice! There’s lots more information about this program on my site so check it out if you’re interested.

Good luck,

To go to the official site – CLICK HERE

  1. Hi Jordan,

    I have also purchased this system and wanted find out since the information is overwhelming, which opportunity did you finally start making money from?

  2. joumane Landry permalink

    Hello Jordan!

    I am very glad to have come across your review. I was reading about legit online and was debating whether to start or not. This gave me a good idea of what to expect, mostly , it assured me that it’s a safe online job.

    Thank you and good luck

  3. Sandy permalink


    This review is quite helpful. Thanks for your review. I look forward to earn good money from legit online jobs. If you can share any other experiance of yours with legit online jobs, I would be happy to read that.


  4. I need to know if you are an affiliate of L.O.J. Many sites as well as ex customers give L.O.J. a thumbs down. Do you have to pay to post the ads? Please reply, I’m on the fence about L.O.J. Look forward to hearing from you.


  5. Great post and review of legit online jobs will tell my friends.

  6. Vikram permalink

    HI Jordan

    Thank you so much for this review. I was so eager to read something positive about this offer before i actually give it a shot. Your review give me a positive vibe about it. Seriously thank you for that . God Bless

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